Bankers Bench Software - Coming Soon

Tools and Models

Over the course of twenty years BAC has developed a collection of proprietary and powerful top management software tools and models. Certain of these are available to your institution under licensing agreement. They are moderately priced and downloadable over the Internet by annual subscription. Alternatively they can reside on BAC's computers for you and be maintained and updated by BAC on your behalf with your inputs.

These tools are principally designed for top management and may be used to complement other software used by your institution. They are designed to give CEO's and CFO's a quick top down view of critical bank applications without the burden of undertaking long complicated analyses which may require time, personnel and resources over an extended period. In short, these tools and models are highly effective shortcuts to provide you with most of the information you require for making a decision.

Please contact our office for demonstration material on the following tools and models: